• Spring and Nut Set for Prusa-Mendel Z-Axis

This set contains 2 springs and 4 brass nuts for the Z-axis of a prusa-mendel Reprap Printer.

Running stainless steel nuts on a stainless threaded rod causes rapid wear and is highly prone to galling.

A much better solution is to use brass nuts on the stainless steel threaded rod with a light smear of grease for lubrication.

The springs are 12mm OD and made of 8 turns of 0.9mm zinc-plated spring steel wire. The free length is 30mm

The brass nuts are the same size as standard M8x1.25 full hex nuts.  13mm across flats and 6.4mm wide


Spring and Nut Set for Prusa-Mendel Z-Axis

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