• Ceramic fibre Insulation 305mm sq.

This product is a refractory ceramic fibre blanket suitable for wrapping around your hot end or for placing under the heated bed to insulate it.

The blanket can be cut into a strip that then wraps around your hot end.  Use our 10mm Kapton/polyimide tape to hold it in place.

Insulating your hot end:

  • Reduces warm up time
  • Improves temperature stability
  • Reduces unwanted convection heat transfer to other parts of you printer.
  • Reduces the effects of cooling fans and drafts
  • Reduces power consumption.

The blanket is approximately 3mm thick and can be easilly cut to size or even split with a sharp blade.

Supplied in square sheets 305 x 305 x 3mm

Rated for over 1000°C

Thermal conductivity 0.1W/mK @ 200°C


Ceramic fibre Insulation 305mm sq.

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