Teensylu is a RepRap control board that is based on the very successful Sanguinololu design. The Atmel microcontroller has built-in USB and is preloaded with the LUFA CDC bootloader. This allows you to load the firmware straight from the Arduino IDE through the USB cable.
This board has all the features on it for operating a single extruder 3D printer with a heated bed.  It provides one of the most compact and cost-effective controllers available.
Supplied with all necessary connectors


  • The board is small,only 100 x 60mm (4" x 2.4")
  • Teensylu clone, Atmel's AT90USB1286
  • LUFA CDC bootloader preinstalled on the AT90USB1286 allows you to upload the firmware in the Arduino IDE through USB cable.
  • Fits up to 4 Pololu compatible stepper driver boards on-board (X,Y,Z,Extruder) (drivers not included)
  • 2 thermistor connectors with circuitry
  • 2 N-MOSFETs for extruder/bed heaters
  • 1 N-MOSFET for low power fan or motor
  • Additional 14 pin header with 11 I/O for prototyping
  • Edge connectors enabling right-angle connections
  • Full set of crimp connectors supplied.
  • 14 Extra pins available for expansion and development - 6 analog and 8 digital (Fully compatabile with Sanguinololu), with the following capabilities
    • -- UART1 (RX and TX)
    • -- I2C (SDA and SCL)
    • -- SPI (MOSI, MISO, SCK)
    • -- PWM pin (1)
    • -- Analog I/O (6)
  • Fitted with screw terminal blocks for power and heater connections

  • 4 endstops
    • Selectable 12v/5v endstop voltage
    • 4th stop, called E-Stop can be used as an emergency stop, or extruder stop etc.(to be added in firmware).
  • Motors supplied by 5mm screw terminal 7-35V
  • Logic supplied by USB bus or on-board voltage regulator.
  • On-board USB connectivity

Compatible Firmwares

Other firmwares are currently untested but any firmware for an Arduino Mega should work with proper pin setup.

For instructions on how to load firmwares please visit Geetech's Wiki Page

Wiki page

Teensylu v0.8 with connector set

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