Rods and Bearings Kit for Prusa-Mendel Iteration 2

Rods and Bearings Kit for Prusa-Mendel Iteration 2
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This is a kit for building a Prusa-Mendel Reprap 3D Printer.

It contains the 8mm smooth rod pre-cut to the correct lengths and a full set of linear bearings and ball bearings.

This includes the 3x 608ZZ bearings required for a Greg's or Wade Extruder.

As with all RepRap designs there are numerous variations and alterations that have been made to the original design.  This makes it difficult to put together a hardware kit that covers all the options.  Depending on the variant you choose you may need to buy one or two extra LM8UU bearings.

What's included:

8mm Rod 350mm                 2
8mm Rod 405mm                 2
8mm Rod 420mm                 2
LM8UU               10
608ZZ                 6


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