RAMPS RRD Fan Extender

RAMPS RRD Fan Extender
RAMPS RRD Fan Extender RAMPS RRD Fan Extender
Brand: Geeetech
Product Code: RAMPSFanExt
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This board provides an additional 2 outputs for fans, LED lighting etc. on a RAMPS controller

If you are using RAMPS for a dual extruder setup then you will soon discover you need all 3 of the hi current outputs to run the heated bed and two extruders. So where to connect the fan?

Or perhaps you want to add some LED illumination to the print head.

Here's the solution.  This add-on plugs into unused outputs on the RAMPS board and provides 2 additional high current PWM outputs.

  • Connect supply pins to 5V - 20VDC according to your requirements
  • Max 0.5A (500mA) per channel
  • Outputs on D6 and D11.
  • Change "#define FAN_PIN 6" in "pins.h"


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