Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre

We sell two types of tubes Pulltruded and 3K Woven.

The Pulltruded tube is made by extruding the fibres through a die to get tubed with fibres all running along the length of the tube.  It is stronger than the woven tube in plain bending but caution needs to be taken in how it is attached at the ends.  Because there are no fibres running arounf the tube it is easy to crush or to split the ends of the tube.

The 3K woven type tube is made by wrapping sheets of woven carbon fibre fabric around a mandrel.  Because some if the fibres run around the tube it is harder to crush and is a bit more rugged than pulltruded tube.  It is also more expensive because more work goes into its manufacture.

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We can cut our tube and rod products to any length you like up to 1m. Please note you need t..
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