Stainless Fastener Kit for Prusa-Mendel Iteration 2

Stainless Fastener Kit for Prusa-Mendel Iteration 2
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This is a hardware kit for building a Prusa-Mendel Reprap 3D Printer.

Not only does this have all the fasteners you need to build it also has some you won't need.

As with all RepRap designs there are numerous variations and alterations that have been made to the original design.  This makes it difficult to put together a hardware kit that covers all the options.  So our kit has lots of extra fasteners to make sure you have what you need to finish the build.  And when you are finished you should have some left overs that you can put to good use in your other projects.

As well as all the nuts and bolts the kit includes springs and brass nuts for the Z-Axis lead screw and springs for the extruder and for mounting the bed.

What's in the kit:


Type Size  Qty 
Socket Head Cap Screw M2.5x20               12
Socket Head Cap Screw M3x8               12
Socket Head Cap Screw M3x10               30
Socket Head Cap Screw M3x20               30
Socket Head Cap Screw M3x25                 1
Socket Head Cap Screw M3x45                 4
Socket Head Cap Screw M4x20                 2
Socket Head Cap Screw M4x60                  2
Socket Head Cap Screw M8x35                 1
Pan PhillipsHead Machine Screw M2.5x12               12
Countersunk Phillips Head Machine Screw M4x40                 4
Plain Washer M2.5x6x0.5               20
Plain Washer M3x7x0.5               70
Plain Washer M4x9.0x0.9               10
Plain Washer M8x16x1.2            100
Plain Washer 5/16" x 1-1/4" x 16g                 6
Hex Nut M2.5               20
Hex Nut M3               70
Hex Nut M4               10
Hex Nut M8            100
Hex Nut (Brass) M8                 4
Nylock Nut M4                 6
Nylock Nut M8                 1
Grub Screw M8x20                 1
Grub Screw M3x8                 4
Threaded Rod M8x210mm
Spring 6 x 25mm                   6
Spring 13x25mm                   2



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