Flashforge Creator(single head)

Flashforge Creator(single head)
Flashforge Creator(single head)
Brand: Flashforge
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The FlashForge Creator II is a lower cost alternative to our Creator Pro 3D printers. It boasts the same proven design used in all of the Creator series printers.  The attractive woodgrain appearance of the plywood chassis provides a rigid but light weight frame.  The heated aluminium build platform allows printing in both PLA and ABS plastics.

Key features

  • Integrated LCD screen and keyboard for stand alone operation from SD card

Package Contents

  • -The Flashforge Creator II
  • -Single Extruder print head
  • -Spool Holder
  • -1x spool of white ABS filament(N.W.:1 kg per spool)
  • -Filament guide tube
  • -Spare nuts, screws and Hex Wrench Kit in accessories bag
  • -Power Supply Cable
  • -USB cable
  • -Spare end stop switch cable
  • -1×4GB SD card(contains software, test sample files and operation manual)

· Overall dimensions including filament spools WxDxH: 480 x 455 x 580 mm
· Shipping box dimension: 600 x 470 x 550 mm


We want you to have the best 3D printing experience possible right out of the box so we highly recommend purchasing the optional Simplify3D Software.  We believe this is simply the best software to drive your new printer.

Learn more about Simplify3D HERE

The Flashforge Creator ships with ReplicatorG Software.  This is a free open-source program.
You also have the option of adding a Simplify 3D License at a discounted price. (Software available by download)
The flashforge creator is also compatible with MakerWare and Matter Control*.  Both of these programs can are available for free on the internet.

(* For printing from SD card only)

· Compatibility(ReplicatorG and Simplify3D): Windows, Mac OSX and, Linux 
· Print from SD card or over USB
· Input file type: STL, g-code

Build envelope: 225 x 145 x 150 mm
Build volume: About 5 litres 
Layer thickness: 0.1-0.5 mm(adjustable)
Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm 

Recommended for use with 1.75 mm ABS,PLA,HIPS,PVA
Not recommended for materials with processing temperatures above 250°C

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